A Little Sprinkling


Today, with so many men and women working outside the home,

it is rare to find time to indulge your passions...like art!

A favorite quote on a Mary Engelbreit drawing gives me encouragement:

"You're never too old to be what you might have been."

Make time to enjoy what you truly love. I'm just beginning the journey.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Smell of Summer

Summer's scents are wafting in the air from beaches full of sea fragments, ocean breezes, picnic delights, decks and docks holding heat from the sun, suntan lotion...

Another of my items has been included in a lovely treasury called Time Caught the Ocean. I love the things that remind me of a day on the beach. On Lake Erie there are so many zebra mussel shells--six inches deep on some beaches. However, if you're a kayaker, you can find beach glass on your adventures.

Summer has a scent of its own that permeates your mind with visions. It's funny how the senses all work together to form impressions on our minds. How delightful!

Pleasant dreams of gentle waves, beach jetsam, snails making trails in the sand, curtains blowing softly...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Magic of Summertime (Slows Me Down)

Oh, how wonderful: Summer is here! And with it comes a slowing down in creativity. Who wants to be indoors when the warmth of the sun feels so good--as much as I love designing and making things.

Working steadily through the Spring, I still have many ideas swirling in my head, but I can't seem to get the show on the road. A disciplined artist schedules a time for productivity to breathe life into whatever designs formulate in the brain at around ten at night and continuing on into all hours of the night. Daytime must be set for things such as correspondence, packaging, mailing, etc.

Now my life, in the summertime, well, let's say it's another story. I try to be productive with my art; inspiration is always there, but my mind wanders to other outdoor fun, and I'm interrupted.

When summertime is here I want to watch thunderstorms; sit in my yard and take in the wildlife or have a tall, cool drink on the deck; go for a bike ride; work in the garden; go to outdoor concerts and on and on. Outdoor activities take up a lot of time but are welcome when you have only three months of warm weather, as we have in Michigan. This is the time of year that finds it difficult to keep any discipline.

Well, I'm sure you can relate to all this. Working on the computer is less appealing during the summer months. Business slows down. Productivity slows down. Everything seems to stand still.

I'm going to indulge myself; stop worrying about everything and enjoy the two months and a week of remaining summer. If I allow myself a little brain vacation, to have a little fun and leisure time, I'm sure my creative side will take over soon enough.

Pleasant dreams of fireflies, fireworks, cookouts, Margueritas, summer storms, swimming, gardening, just sitting and taking it all in...

Summertime Fun Time Girl

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise from Three Tiny Tucks

My new shop, Three Tiny Tucks, found one of its headbands listed in a treasury called "Buzz Buzz". Click on the treasury name.

I'm happy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good-bye Elsie

Well, it's time to say good-bye to one of my favorite bloggers, Elsie. Sometimes I feel like the writers of the blogs I read are truly my friends. And, sometimes they are. With this in mind I tell you that, when a friend stops blogging, it's as though a nearby friend has moved away. The only difference is that you might not be able to reach them and might not ever see them or hear from them again.

It's a sad, sad evening for me,
knowing that Namaste will no longer be.

Pleasant dreams, E...


Friday, June 3, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT--My New Shop on Etsy

Hello, everyone! I'm announcing the GRAND OPENING of my new Etsy shop: THREE TINY TUCKS. Actually the grand opening was June 1st. I'm so excited and wish I had more time to list the those things that are ready to be listed. Soon....... 

Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by!

You're all terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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