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Today, with so many men and women working outside the home,

it is rare to find time to indulge your passions...like art!

A favorite quote on a Mary Engelbreit drawing gives me encouragement:

"You're never too old to be what you might have been."

Make time to enjoy what you truly love. I'm just beginning the journey.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bridal Jewelry and Cheesecake!

Have you ever had a good feeling about something? Well, once again, I've had a small opportunity come my way. It's so itty, bitty, but I still see great potential in it.

I was asked to display bridal jewelry and scarves in a cheesecake shop (of all things). It's a neat, clean, trendy-looking, little place with some tables and chairs for enjoying dessert and a cup of coffee. The owner said that lots of brides-to-be make her shop their first stop in wedding planning, and that would give my jewelry exposure. I'm sure you couldn't miss it with her awesome display area right off to the side of the wonderful baked goods counter.

I've got to say, they have got to have the most wonderful cheesecake, and so many different flavors. I love cheesecake. Actually on Saturday, my granddaughter and I split a slice of their Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake. My husband tried German Chocolate Cake--two layers of cheesecake, two layers of chocolate cake and German Chocolate frosting. The only reason I was there was because my daughter had asked me to pick up a custom order for her. Otherwise this opportunity wouldn't have come my way. See how the Lord (or fate, if you like) works!

Wish me luck. My hair accessories--started out as bridal hair accessories--have been selling fast at my niece's salon and spa. People buying them have friends inquiring. Lots of younger women. So, it's looking pretty good for me, so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Please say a prayer for me. Sometimes I need it badly. Don't we all!

And, I won't stop creating my scarves and jewelry for Etsy, either. So there's another prayer I need. Time!

Wish I could quit my day job!!!

Pleasant dreams of brides and crystals and pearls and cheesecakes dancing and shimmering. What a combination of things "sweet"!

Bridal Baby

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Story of Daisies

Memories of hours spent painting pictures of flowers, not knowing what the heck I was doing or how to use oil paints.Total frustration!

Memories of friend Marilyn and I sketching pictures of girls and fashions, then asking her mom to judge them. That didn't always go over so well.

Summer of 9th grade, we decided to take High School Art. But making tile ash trays wasn't exactly what I had in mind. So... After causing some trouble, I was told that I was finished. "Out!"

Fast-forward 8 years, a young married woman, I placed daisies, a gift from my husband, in a tall mug, part of a set we purchased together . The turquoise paint I had mixed just made the whole thing. I don't know when it disappeared, but I am saddened at the thought of losing something so precious. I still have hope.

One of my first charms--a daisy that speaks of love. After all, "daisies do tell". From my husband:

Today I spotted daisies on someone's blog. An artist friend, Dora , is their painter. If you like daisies at all, or, for that matter, watercolors, you will truly enjoy hers.

Pleasant dreams of daisies spinning and bending in the wind; dancing to the music...

Flower Child at Heart

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That Butterfly Bush

Know what? We just love that butterfly bush! I purposely planted it right next to our deck, where we eat, so that we could sit and watch butterflies all day long. (If you believe that one... Who has all day long to sit around!)

A short lunch break this afternoon, with sandwiches and iced tea, proved its worth. Four Monarchs, a hummingbird moth and several bees were flitting around, collecting nectar together like one big, happy family. Bees, plump with nectar and buzzing rather loudly. Occasionally one or two smaller butterflies joined the party. Not one insect bothered another. Nature at its best. Truly.

Pleasant dreams of deep purple blossoms with "the birds and the bees"...and the butterflies!

Queen of the 
Butterfly Bush

(Hope you don't mind seeing these photos again.) 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Procrastination--quite a word. I've had a lovely necklace done for quite awhile, but I just listed it yesterday. I used a Raku pendant from wondrousstrangedesigns.etsy.com. She has been very patient with me and anxious to see what I made. If you visit her blog wondrousstrangedesigns.blogspot.com you can read her article, featuring my piece. Many thanks go out to her. Stop by and visit her wonderful shop.

Procrastination manifests itself in many ways. It has been a curse throughout my life. Not wanting to deal with something, I put it off until it's an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation with a lot of excuses and explanations. Now, I address other procrastinators: Why do we make life more difficult on ourselves? 

Overcoming procrastination is a simple task: just do it! Well, that's what some people may think. That is, the people who have no problem getting things done TODAY! As the saying goes, 
"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."
Isn't that the truth! The trouble with all this is that we fall back into our old habits when we get tired or stressed.

Another habitual problem that goes along with this is opening up mail. How many times do you deal with your personal mail? Do you move it from pile to pile, only to end up eventually throwing it in the trash? Or do you deal with it once? Less work.

I'm proud to say that I finally have mastered half of that problem: I go through my mail immediately, trashing everything that is obvious junk mail. I still have my neat little pile, however, that I put off dealing with until later. At least I can find exactly where everything is. It's stacked so neatly. Someday I just might eliminate that little stack and keep nothing but the most important papers.

Well, enough about procrastination for now. I could give a million other examples, but, since no one wants to hear about it, suffice it to say, I'm going to improve my bad habit of procrastination TODAY!

Have a simple and relaxing day! You can have it if you get important things done, first. Then you can sit back and relax. Don't have enough time to relax? W-el-l-l-l... That's a topic for another day. 

In closing, just remember:  
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!
Better late than never, your friend,
Little Ole Doggie


Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation and Computer Talk

Oh, my. I'm b-a-ack! I've been out of commission. Needed a new monitor--after only two years of use. Hopefully, all is well, now. It's good to be back!

I've been seeing lots of vacation photos, especially of Michigan. Being from the Great Lakes State, as well as vacationing here, I thought it would be fun to share some of my own. This year we stayed in Traverse City and Frankfort. Both are situated on either Lake Michigan or on the Bay. The main part of Frankfort is a three-block stretch of shops and restaurants beginning at the shoreline Frankfort is beautiful, small and serene.

These first three photos are of the same lighthouse and pier in Frankfort, taken from various angles and times.

Another photo of Lake Michigan. This one reminds me of Kuwaii, Hawaii.

Bald Eagle taken while we were kayaking at Honor, Michigan.

Taken from up high, near Frankfort.

Finally, taken further north near the top of the lower peninsula.

Oh, to live up north only when the weather is perfect! Warm weather, very little cold. Dream on...

Nighty, night; sleep tight... Pleasant dreams of beaches, sifting sand, lazing around, kayaking, being pushed by the waves and breathtaking sunsets on the water.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe for Longevity and my Coconut Cake

Jack is our neighbor of 20+ years. He is 83 years old and still going strong. He has had a cancer, but he has healed well and is fine. Jack loves to mow his lawn, wearing his headphones, and works his garden frequently. Doctor says to stay active, but no one needs to tell Jack. He loves to be outdoors.

We were on vacation recently, and Jack mowed our lawn. What a guy! I told him, "I owe you a coconut cake". (More about Jack below.)

He loves my summer coconut cake, and it's so easy to make. Here it is from memory:

1 Box Duncan Hines French Vanilla cake mix
1 Can Cream of Coconut (not coconut milk)
1 Large container of Cool Whip
1 Cup of flaked coconut

Bake cake according to directions. While yet warm, use a fork to gently poke holes into entire cake. Then pour coconut cream over cake. Refrigerate cake until chilled and frost with Cool Whip. Sprinkle coconut flakes over topping--amount according to taste. (Optional: toast coconut in oven until golden brown, then sprinkle over cake.)
On one of my husband's more busy, stressful days, Jack sauntered up our driveway, like he has so many times before, to borrow our sod cutter. When he saw how busy my husband was, he offered to do it for us. Mike responded with a thanks, but no. Jack slowly walked away, looking forlorn.

I told my self-sufficient husband who doesn't like to ask for favors, nor does he like to accept them, that it would make Jack feel good to help out. I explained that it was his way of returning all the favors my husband has done for him. As stubbon as he is, he understood, and called out, "Jack! Go ahead and mow if you want. I would really appreciate it."

Mr. and Mrs. Ringler, down the street, are both between 87 and 93 years old. They are always out gardening and working in the yard. They still drive and, until a couple of years ago, we could see Mr. R. frequently riding his bike around the area. They are so sweet.

Recipe for longevity (in part): Stay active, keep your faith, maintain a positive attitude and indulge yourself, once in a while, in a piece of coconut cake.

Hungry for Life!

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