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Today, with so many men and women working outside the home,

it is rare to find time to indulge your passions...like art!

A favorite quote on a Mary Engelbreit drawing gives me encouragement:

"You're never too old to be what you might have been."

Make time to enjoy what you truly love. I'm just beginning the journey.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Rock by Any Other Name...

Being a true lover of sea glass, but not knowing I could find it in Michigan, I never really scoured the beaches for it. After all, we don't have a lot of sandy beaches around these parts. You can live in a place for eons and not know of the existence of certain places. They can be very dreamy places you'd love to escape to, but you've not known they were there.

One website displayed all different types of beach glass found on Lake Erie. I was amazed. My mind started drifting off to beaches in the area where I could go beach combing.

On a recent boat trip to one of Lake Erie's many islands with my daughter, I found a shiny black rock (photos below). I have no idea what the rock is.
A couple of days ago I joined a website appropriately called, "Sea Glass Lovers". I put the question out there. Some speculated that it might be obsidian, which is a type of lava rock produced by volcanic action. Of course, we have no volcanoes in Michigan, so I'm still left wondering. It isn't transparent, so that it would be glass seems unlikely.

If you have any thoughts, please post them on my blog.

A rock, by any other name, is still the same!
Rocky Mountain High


Monday, June 28, 2010

Have You Ever...

I can't believe it! No! I need prayer--QUICK! 

Have you ever finished something and realized that you missed a tiny, almost insignificant, part? And, though it seems insignificant in the scheme of things, it has a huge impact on the finished product. 

A recipe for disaster is for me to forget one tiny, lousy, bead AFTER I've put the entire 3-strand necklace together. It has happened before and will probably happen again. Photo zoom: a dead giveaway. Why didn't I get that magnifier lamp for my birthday?!

Well, enough of my ranting. I'd like to hear about your mistakes, bloopers, bleeps #@_#@##, etc! Write them on my blog. I need to know that I'm not alone in this world of mishaps. Perhaps you'll share your biggest blunder for all of us to see. At least you could add "bravery" to your list of positive traits! And get a BIG THANKS from all of your readers...

Sleep on it!

Miss Imperfection

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hands of an Artist

It's true: your hands DO give away your age. I've never had the most beautiful hands, due to my various creative interests, but they're not all that bad, considering. One of my sisters, a sculptor among other things, has pretty rough-looking hands as well (Truthfully, they're not that bad.) In conversation she mentioned to her art instructor and friend that she thought her hands looked ugly. He reassured her, saying, 

"...you're an artist. You have the hands of an artist."


Two of my other sisters, who periodically create art, have beautiful, delicate hands. I'm always wishing that my hands looked so lovely. But then I think: I'm doing what I love, and, apparently, it is more important or more feasible for me at this time in my life than it is for them.

For many years I worked full-time and had no energy left to devote to my art. I consider myself very blessed that I am able to live the life I longed to live for so many years. 

From this day forward, when I see beautiful, manicured nails and hands, I'll be happy that my hands are being used for all the things I love in life, among them creating, gardening and being with my little grandchildren. That's what I call "happiness" and "fulfillment". And it's those very things by which I'm endowed with "the hands of an artist"!

Pleasant dreams to you, and may you have "the hands of an artist", too! 


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Greetings & Hair Accessories

First things, first:

               "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, D !!!"

Today was another "hot" but nice day. My niece graduated. We celebrated. More food. Margaritas and iced tea. Dessert. Hard to watch weight in the summer!

Today I heard that many of my bridal fascinators and headbands sold. Joy to the world! AND one of my niece's clients would like to hire me to do custom bridal hair accessories for her girls. Nice opportunity for me. Wish me luck!

Well, I'm about to begin a new necklace, so I'll be signing off. Pleasant dreams to you!


Getting Over the Loss

Today was a wonderful day. Someone bought one of my favorite necklaces, and that, in itself, is a wonderful event. There are mixed emotions, however, when you love something you are about to sell. Something you've become attached to. Something you would like to keep for yourself. It's a mixed blessing, but it leans towards the positive side by at least three-quarters! I'm beginning to get the exposure I need for my shop. And I'm beginning to cope with the loss. In fact, I think I might be over it already! It's a wonderful day!!!

Meanwhile, I've joined a group called Sea Glass Lovers and discovered quite a bit about Lake Erie beach glass. Very interesting. It's just enough to stimulate my interest in scouring the beaches for old glass. I've always wanted to collect it but didn't know you could find it around this area. How exciting! In fact, my daughter is getting enthused about it, as well. She's the one who found the old glass bottle from Detroit, Michigan. We searched for pieces to complete the bottle. We found about four but no more. The bottle refers to Detroit, Michigan, and lists 7 fl. oz. I wonder about its origin. It would be interesting to learn of its history and daydream about how it got into the water and by whom it was tossed in.

Well, enough thinking for the night. It's already 12:47 am, and I'm getting overly tired, now. I'll be dreaming about my necklace and beach glass to make another. Pleasant dreams to you...

Good-bye, necklace!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Petoskey Stones, Fossils and Old Glass Bottles

Today we went boating over to Sugar Island in Lake Erie with our daughter and son-in-law. Our granddaughter and her friend were collecting stones, and I was assisting in find the most unusual. We collected many for her little friend to take home. I, on the other hand, kept only three. One or two are fossils with one bearing a wing imprint; the third, not pictured here, is shiny and black--interesting. I have found blue chunks like that in East Bay of Lake Michigan, around Traverse City, Michigan. Along with today's find, there are photos below of some Petoskey stones I've collected over the last couple of years, up north, around Petoskey, Michigan. They are in their natural state, cleaned only by rain and unpolished.

Petoskey Stone Photos (click to see more)

Aren't they interesting! At one time Michigan was covered with a glacier from which, upon melting, the landscape was formed. Petoskey, a wonderful vacation spot on the northwestern side of the state, yields a generous amount of Petoskey stones.

Here's one for you: The ocean yields sea glass, but do the Great Lakes? The ocean's salt smooths the glass quickly, unlike here in the lake. Today we found an old, thick, glass bottle and on it are raised letters spelling out "Detroit, Michigan" . We know it to be old; however, the edges are still slightly shiny, and it looks as though it was, not too long ago, tossed into the water. After writing this post, I found a link that answers my question:
Lake Erie Beach Glass Colour Rarity Rank

Pleasant dreams of getting stoned! Just kidding. Pleasant dreams of beaches abounding with sun-kissed sea glass. Good-night...

 Lady Lake

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

Seems like more than three days since I've posted. Just had to show some garden pictures. Today the weather calls for severe thunderstorms possible off and on all day and into the night. We have weather watches in our immediate area and sunshine in between. I took these photos in the midst of a "sunny" spell. Feels like a "steam oven" right now!
Out back: astillbe, bee balm, ivy geraniums, impatiens, butterfly bush.

Here's one of my little guys with our cat, Mickey, under the deck bench. He was trying to pet Mickey.  Mickey has allergies and we forgot to get his injection, so his nose is all spotty. Poor guy. So negligent are we.

Now, maybe you can tell me if this is a carpenter bee. We have had them drilling holes in our pergola, but my sister, who identified them, hasn't told me what they look like. She saw a special on carpenter bees.

Have a super wonderful day!!!

Lady Gardener

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day for the Guys

Well, another Father's Day has come and gone. Church took precedence over going out on our daughter's and son-in-law's boat, but we'll hit the waters Thursday. We live on Lake Erie--a Michigan Great Lake. So much fun, but often choppy waters.

We actually spent the afternoon with our son, his wife and the little ones. It was nice getting into the pool with those mischievous--ever so slightly, though it may be--cutie pies. The water is practically to their necks! Afterwards my husband, son and his little guy went to the driving range. All in all, it was a good day.

I hope you fellas out there had a great Father's Day and you blogger girls enjoyed yesterday's "Where Bloggers Create" party. I missed it due to my birthday cookout. 

Have a wonderful week full of nice surprises!!! Here's my newest surprise:


After the Party

Oh, how cute little grandchildren are! My little 8-yr-old granddaughter made a birthday card for me and bought me a cute polka-dot scarf and a little red-glitter change purse that I can use for my makeup if I want! The two tiny ones--2 1/2 and 4 years old--sang Happy Birthday so sweetly. They are adorable, too! The tiny one said, "Happy Cake"! I just LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for stopping in. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day!

Happy Fathers Day to any dads out there!!!

Post-Birthday Girl

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Therese!

Writing this on the 18th, Friday. Yes, it really is my birthday. I gardened all day, made one necklace and finished another. Having the family over for a cookout tomorrow. I ordered my own birthday cake! Well, that's all I wanted for dinner--didn't want to go out--so I figured I could get exactly what I wanted for my own birthday cake. I wanted this cake from Coldstone Creamery, but they didn't know what I was talking about, so I ordered a "custom" cake. Tomorrow we'll have yellow cake batter (they didn't have white), fresh strawberry ice cream on the first layer and strawberry cheesecake ice cream on the top layer--mixed with graham crackers and fresh strawberries, then frosted with white frosting and garnished with fresh strawberries. YUMMY! I love it!

I asked for a lighted magnifier lamp for my birthday gift. I'll let you know if I get it! Can't see anything these days.

Pleasant dreams!

Birthday Girl

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Relay for Life Results


Relay for Life:
This evening we had our luminaria walk and ceremony. The speaker was part of a local family--Mrs. Uday, Dr. Uday's wife. They lost their son, Dr. Matthew Uday, to cancer in Dec. Her speech was followed by a solemn walk with bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace". Everyone was silent, respecting loved ones who have passed from this life by cancer or are surviving treatment today.

 We are so blessed every day!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sally Go 'Round the Roses in my Garden

Hey, there! I'm falling over; need some sleep. It's 1:14 am, here. I wanted to post a photo of one of my new necklaces. I tried to photograph it, but I waited until a little too late. The sky was overcast and it was getting late. Tomorrow, after the rain, I'll take some better photos and post my listing.

"Sally go 'round the roses..." I like this song from the sixties. "Roses, they won't hurt you..." And to quit wandering aimlessly around, the point is that the name of my new necklace is "Sally Go 'Round the Rose-Quartz Necklace". Here's a preview of what's to come, along with part of my garden.

Sleep tight!
Little Sally

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Turtle and the Hare

Always running late my family and close friends nicknamed me "Turtle" as a child. My sister who used to hang out with me was called "Race Horse"--always early and rushing everyone else. She's still running early, and, well, I still run late a quarter of the time, but I've improved significantly. I arrive at work a few minutes early almost every day, but, even so, being on time is such a challenge for me. I can get my housework done so quickly, so I know I can move fast if I want to, but why I have such a problem organizing my time is a question that really baffles me. No one likes to go shopping with me because I look at EVERYTHING! I think it's something called FOCUS...Must be ADD!!!

Anyway, since three different necklaces are in the works--my old nature's kicking in lately--I'm showing you a couple of my more recent bracelet listings. At least I've finished listing them.

Back to the topic: I'm trying to change my focus from "Turtle" to "Hare". I'm off to the races. On my way. Good day!

White Rabbit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Petoskey Stone Necklace & History

Last summer, while we were vacationing with our daughter and family, she spied the most gorgeous stone necklace around someone's neck. That necklace occupied her thoughts, even when the trip was over. She was so excited about those stones. Hmmm! I reflected on her comments about the necklace and finally came up with a design from which to create her Christmas gift. Three strands of citrine nuggets, freshwater pearls, cats eye beads, shell beads and copper findings, were pulled together by a loop of glass beads and a vintage piece to function as a clasp. The focal point, however, was a small treasure found in a quaint little shop in Traverse City, MI: a sweet, polished, Petoskey stone button! Michiganders love to comb the beaches of Lake Michigan for Petoskey stones, and I have collected a few over the years. One is carefully placed and half hidden in a stone wall in my family room. There are a couple of P. stones outside in my rock garden. Even though they aren't extremely rare, a nice one is still a precious find to me and everyone I know.

Check out this link   http://www.geo.msu.edu/geogmich/petoskystone.html  to go to Michigan State University's website for some history on the Petoskey stone.

Your Pen Pal Petoskey Gal
(You will be my pen pal if you write on my blog!!!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Wonders and Perils of Nature!

Last night, after Relay for Life, we heard "air raid" sirens--as they used to be called--shouting their warning for what seemed like an eternity. I don't recall having heard them except for testing at noon on Saturdays. Tuning in to a local station we found a tornado warning for our immediate area. Orange sky at night; a downpour, thunder and lightening; then a change in the sky's color. Basement, here I come! Oh, but "Mr. Tough Guy" thought I was funny. Someday... Needless to say, a tornado touched down about 15 minutes from our home and another about 30 minutes away. Hmmm!

A baby groundhog ambled up our backyard sidewalk a few minutes ago and scurried into a vacant, built-in doghouse as he spied me heading in his direction. Meanwhile, a beautiful dove observed, peacefully; a couple of butterflies flitted around the flowers; a dragonfly landed on some ledge rock and a hummingbird suspended itself above flowers at the base of my clematis and me, without my camera! Five minutes of my life to take in the wonder of God's creation. There's nothing quite like it, being in and among the elements of Mother Nature. So blessed, we are.

Miss Grateful

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot Dogs, Rain and the Relay

Today was the American Cancer Society's, Relay for Life, held in Woodhaven, MI. We walked, we talked and we sold for a cure. We sold key chains, wrist bands, cookies, cupcakes and HOT DOGS, with my husband grilling the "dogs" and me assembling them in the buns and foil wrap. It was a moving experience as cancer "SURVIVORS" walked to applause from the crowds. As evening drew nigh, one drop, then another and another until it poured rain. We would have walked in silence on a dark path lighted by hundreds of luminarias, dedicated to the memories of so many loved ones, but the luminaria bags would have bottomed out on the wet asphalt. All in all it was a good day for a good cause.

Rest well tonight. I know we will. We're tired and achy.

Two Wet Hot Dogs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exciting Adventures on Etsy and Facebook

I so enjoy getting to know artists via Etsy and Facebook "Like" or "Fan" pages. There are some countries I've come to hear about by getting to know these artists. I've learned about some cultures, some art styles, etc. I didn't know much about the Azores Islands - Portugal. You can experience a little by visiting Middle Earths Jewels on Etsy  Beautiful mystical jewelry! Visit her Facebook fan page:

Middle Earths Jewels on Facebook

An Etsy / Facebook Adventurer

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Bugs

I just read a blog about June that inspired me to write, too. I remember a June Bug got caught in my hair, long ago, in the days when I used to tease it up really good! Scared the heck out of me, but it was quite comical! There are so many important birthdays in June: my step-dad's, my best friend's, my deceased dad's, mine, etc. My birthday is on Paul McCartney's birthday. I always loved knowing that. June is sunshine, lovely blue skies and cumulus clouds passing by as I try to make faces out of them. June is just-right weather. June is watching new flowers bloom. June is whatever you want it to be; school's out, children are laughing, fireflies are on their way, swimming pools are opened or uncovered, canoeing and kayaking are wonderful, tennis is good...Ah-h-h, June! Have a lovely month!

June Bug

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