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Today, with so many men and women working outside the home,

it is rare to find time to indulge your passions...like art!

A favorite quote on a Mary Engelbreit drawing gives me encouragement:

"You're never too old to be what you might have been."

Make time to enjoy what you truly love. I'm just beginning the journey.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Summer's Days are Numbered" my Poem

 As I took photos of my garden and wildlife this morning, I noticed how spent all the flowers are and decided to write a poem of encouragement, especially for me. I need it this time of year because once August arrives, I feel like it's the end. But, is it really?

"July's blooms about to pass,
summer days going fast.
August welcomed anyway,
sounds of insects alive with play.

July's dead blooms display the last
of summer's flowers all amassed.
And thus July's hot days surrender,
to wonderful August and all its splendor.
 Seems like July had just begun,
swimming and boating and loads of fun.
And, yet, it's still not summer's demise,
for there's refreshing night air and fleeting blue skies.
Summer's climax today begins,
and permits us to revel in,
that splendor in the grass so well known,
and the beauty of fields we have sown.
 Corn maturing in all its glory,
memories of picnics, sharing a story.
Each August day we must treasure,
for its numbered days will yet bring leisure,
and render the moments of late summer pleasure."

- Therese

"In August, the large masses of berries, which, when in flower, 
had attracted many wild bees,
gradually assumed their bright velvety crimson hue, 

and by their weight again bent down
and broke their tender limbs."
 - Henry David Thoreau

Photos of "still thriving" flowers, new blooms and spent flowers:

 Unfortunately the birds have broken one of my lily's branches filled with unopened blooms. The hollyhocks are on their last leg as are the bee balm. The mandevilla is going strong. Hydrangeas have been pushed down by heavy rain. The phlox are beginning to bloom. 

Until next time... Have a beautiful day!!!

Photographer, Artist and Poet (so I wish!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Similar Experience with Bread-making

AmongTheRuins Steampunk Jewelry  has a blog (check it out) on which she is writing about her bread-making failures. That prompted me to write about one of my few successes. Poor, dear, Among the Ruins, tried it from scratch. I've never had much luck working with yeast, myself.

My one biggest success was using a bread-maker. I baked a nice, cinnamon, whole-grain bread (coming up with my own recipe while using the bread machine's ideas). When the bread was fully baked and slightly cooled, I frosted each very thick piece with cinnamon frosting. Oh, my goodness. Talk about yummy! The kids thought it tasted like an authentic Cinnabon Cinnabon's website.

Well, that's been years. I need to bring my bread-maker upstairs again, but, sorry to say, I'm usually trying to cut down on my carb intake. It trims my waist and stops the bloating. So, what's a bread-lover to do!

Tomorrow I'll make a wonderful coconut cake, instead, for my thoughtful neighbor who mowed our lawn while we were gone. But that's a story for another day.

Have a lovely afternoon and evening!

Busy Baker

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Ice Cream and Doughnuts!

Back home and just as puffed up as can be. More ice cream and doughnuts! Well, I already wrote about it in my last post; however, I'd like to add that I didn't stick to my eating plan. Normal for me when it comes to facing dessert.

On our way home we stopped at a small town along the coast. After shopping and lunch, we both had another ice cream cone. I dropped the whole thing on the boardwalk, but they let me have another and wouldn't take any money, saying, "People drop them all the time". So nice of them.

Oh, but wait: This morning, we went to the bakery, again, and ate more doughnuts! Now, this calls for a low-carb diet and bike-ride every night for the rest of the summer! We can make it fun and tasty; you'll see!

Last night, our final night in Frankfort, we saw a wedding on the beach and a concert in the park. Someone played lots of "oldies" on his guitar: Eric Clapton, Elvis, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, 5th Street Bridge, Roger Miller, Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkle and on and on. Boy, was he ever a hit! We sat on a picnic bench with fresh fried perch and a bottle of wine.

Back to the beach with our family, we sat around a bonfire. Oh, but that was after I'd had another scoop of peppermint ice cream at Moomer's. What? You say. Yes, I say: It was my VACATION and THAT INCLUDES "EATING"!!!

Tired, with a full tummy, I'm happy to be home. Pleasant dreams of anything but ice cream and doughnuts!

Miss Piggy

Friday, July 23, 2010

Donuts or Ice Cream? That is the question.

Talk about "pigging out"! Every day has been a feast for the eyes and a curse for the tummy. Frankfort has a pretty good bakery. Coffee's great and so are the donuts. You have to wait in line and we did the first day we were told how good the custard-filled donuts are. They barely leave an inch of space around the homemade custard. So... Our daughter-in-law, who is so fastidiously sticking to her exercise regime' and healthy diet--NORMALLY--is gorging on custard-filled donuts. So, it didn't take much convincing for me to follow suit. In a minute or two I'll indulge again on a custard-filled donut. Yum!

Last night, I asked for two scoops of Moomer's ice cream--voted best in Michigan--and asked for four different flavors. They offered to put a half scoop of each. Well... Hmmm... That was the biggest two scoops I've had in a long time. And I ate the whole thing. Bedtime was a bit difficult. Every which way I turned in bed was uncomfortable. Glutton, I thought to myself. What is wrong with you? I wanted to "sample" four different flavors so I would know which one to go back for. Bad idea.

Today--NO ICE CREAM for me. I don't think you would blame me either.

Signing off...

Little Piggy,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother Bear and the Legend

This evening a call came in from an old classmate who was, actually, the Best Man in our wedding. We haven't seen him in awhile since he lives in Chicago. Can't wait to meet up at our friend's house next week. How much fun!

Every one of us needs to get away from the mundane or the crazy, spastic life we lead, of which mine is the latter. My life is like a whirlwind: swirling with activity that never ceases. If life were less complex and busy, I would have more time to design jewelry and scarves and make my designs into something tangible.

As we visit our friend--an artist, too--we'll talk about our current projects and discuss which little shops to hit. We'll also hit an art fair to see other artists at work and to buy, buy, buy... I'm afraid I'll spend my entire vacation reserve on specialty yarns, ribbons,  beads and stones.

After celebrating with friends for a few days, we'll join one of our children and his family for this year's adventures on Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes. How much more could you ask for. It's every bit as special as traveling to Europe or going on an African safari, but much less expensive and shared with some of our very favorite people! 

Our son painted a picture for his little guy's bedroom. It renders his interpretation of the Legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes. I love it so much!

Here's to the Legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes and to the tears of Mother Bear as she weeps for her young. To read the story, click on this link: Sleeping Bear Dunes and this link: The Legend of the Sleeping BearCheck out this book on Amazon that tells all about the legend.

Pleasant dreams until next week. Dreams of sleeping bears, the lake, swimming, sand, Petosky stones and all the wonderful things vacations are made of!

Sleeping Mother

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's to Vacations

It's so much fun getting away from the normal, paranormal, abnormal, subnormal and supernormal stressors of everyday life! Visit some friends, spend some time with the kids, too.

Even mini-vacations are wonderful for the mind and soul. Just as our camping trip a few weeks ago was a delight--roasting marshmallows around the fire, beachcombing for sea glass and whatnot, having a sip of wine or apple cider or coffee, breakfast on the grill, friends, searching the shops in town, etc.

Sometimes I think it might even be nice to stay home for a week or so, laze around the yard, watch the wildlife, take photos, sip iced tea or mojitos, listen to soothing music, play in and with the water while I water my flowers, and all that--BUT no phones, no people, no light pollution, no noise pollution. What in the world am I thinking!

Here's to vacations: Cheers! And when you get back, you have so much more work to do, you wonder why you went in the first place!

As always, pleasant dreams, my friends. Dreams of deserted islands, dreams of swinging hammocks, dreams of walking on the wet sands of your favorite beach, dreams of floating upwards to the moon and stars... Good night!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Hamburger Heaven

Oh, brother, another burger?

I had no time for lunch at work today, so I ran out to McDonald's for a double-stack. I hollowed out the bun, like I always do, and asked for extra pickles and tomatoes. I think that's pretty healthy. All I need is a salad or green veggies, right!

So-o-o, I picked up my little granddaughter this evening, and guess what we ate. Hamburgers! We stopped by a local restaurant for "60's Night" with good music and 99-cent burgers, hot dogs and fries. Such fun! If it weren't for my low-carb kick, I would have eaten fries and a milk shake, too! Boo, hoo!

Anyway, I hollowed out the tops of our buns. They were extra big buns, anyway. I don't need to add their buns to my buns!

The little one says she likes the burgers fixed that way. She isn't missing anything after eating pizza for lunch. Us girls have to watch our figures, and, especially, our health!

Good evening to you. I'm going off to Hamburger Heaven. I'll probably dream about burgers tonight, or maybe Wimpy sitting at a table full of burgers with his fork and knife--if my memory serves me well. It usually doesn't.

Pleasant dreams...

Hamburger Helper (no, thanks!)

Late Night Last Night

Stayed up until 4 am this morning. My friend came into town and stayed the night. It was so much fun, but, whoa, am I tired. The words are fuzzy on my keyboard--I mean monitor. See what I mean!

I thought I'd try my hand at making a few little charms for my Etsy shop; however, as I began twisting the wire and adding trinkets, I wondered if all those delicate sterling silver charms wouldn't look better twinkling and tingling, flipping and flopping on someone's wrist. Wouldn't they look so adorable altogether on one bracelet, I thought. And I'm still thinking about it.

Sometimes visions of bracelets, necklaces, earrings or scarves take up residence in my head. The visions develop into designs that seem so wonderful at the time. But, as I continue to nurture those dreams and begin the process of creating, I find that it isn't as appealing as it once had been. OK, then, I say to myself. Time to change course; try something different. It can be so exasperating!

My friend, Marilyn--the one who spent the night last night--had some really ingenious ideas for my scarves. I received a lot of input and very much appreciated. It's good to welcome ideas from others, especially friends who are willing to be honest with you. I have lots to go on now and just need to put those ideas to work for me.

Well, another day has come and gone, and I desperately need sleep. Pleasant dreams to all!

Tired and Exasperated Dreamer

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love My Butterflies!

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees,
and the flowers in the trees...

Wow! I photographed five or six different types of butterflies two days ago in my garden. I'll have to see which of my flowers attract butterflies. So far the butterfly bush is like a party hall for butterflies, and the bee balm flowers look like cushions in which the bees, butterflies, butterfly moths, etc., find a lovely respite. Below are photos of several different butterflies, namely: Tiger Swallowtail, Monarch, Great Spangled Fritillary and Red Admiral. I believe I missed one, but I'll have to check it out later.

The hummingbird moth looks like a crawdad to me. It also obviously resembles a hummingbird and a moth. This particular one is the Hummingbird Moth Clear Wing. If you are interested, I can provide a link for you to read up on these interesting creatures.

Not only is there a hummingbird moth, there's also a hummingbird bee. I've seen it, but I haven't captured an image of it, nor have I been able to catch a photo of the hummingbird that flits around our yard and lands on an overhead line, periodically. It's so adorable.

Well, even though this post says it's Saturday, it's really Friday to me. I'm up late again. It's 12:41 am, and I'm going off to dreamland. Pleasant dreams of butterflies landing all over your body, covering you until you're totally wrapped up in the Haute' Couture of Mother Nature.

Night, night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Sleep Madame Butterfly

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Time Urgency

As I mentioned in last night's post, there is much more to add regarding this subject. Some interesting comments by Margaret Paul, PhD, taken from the following website: www.innerbonding.com 

“Creative time allows us to move out of the chatter of our left brain and into the peace and serenity of our right brain.”
According to Ms. Paul, everyone needs creative time, even left-brained people--even those who think they are not creative. She further writes:

"If your intention is to accomplish something, or do something well or have something look good, then you will not receive much benefit from your creative time. These fun activities can actually add to your stress if you have any judgment regarding the result. Creative time is about process rather than outcome..."
"Cooking, sewing, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, writing poetry, writing fiction, writing music, playing music, dancing, woodworking, carving, gardening, making jewelry, acting, singing, inventing — all will replenish your soul and lighten your heart..."

Take time every day to do something creative, whether it be writing, acting or working with your hands.

Taken from a Facebook page called, UNTEMPLATER, someone writes about your creative time on this fan page: http://untemplater.com/self-improvement/productivity/protect-your-creative-time/

Protect your creative time from distractions.

Protect your creative time from other people.

Protect your creative time from yourself.

He writes:
"Whatever the case, whenever it is your creative time, embrace it and don’t let things get in the way..."
"This means focusing. Close the door. Turn off the internet. Put the phone in the other room. Whatever it takes to remove distractions..."
"Don’t answer email. Don’t fix problems that aren’t yours. Don’t manage other people.  Don’t schedule your meetings or phone calls during these periods..."
"...sometimes you are your own worst enemy. We sabotage our own creative time by not putting it at the top of our priority list..."
Thus, we need to put our creative energy to work, in its time, so that we can unleash those creative powers within us and find a respite from the stresses of every day in order to clear our minds and be more productive. It is to our benefit. It makes for clearer thinking. It allows more productivity.
Signing off...

Philosopher of Creative Energy


It's Really Wednesday Night

Oh, yes! I'm still awake at 12:51. That's nothing. I stay up until 3 am, sometimes. It must be an artist thing!

While in high school, my niece said song lyrics were always developing in her mind at night, while she was taking a bath.  Problem solved: she took a pad of paper and a pen and placed it next to where she was bathing. A truly right-brained girl!

I usually get inspiration for a bracelet or scarf at 10 pm, and actually convince myself that I can finish it in one night. I must be crazy! And to top it off, I'm having to pull out stitches and redo row after row, in my scarf, because I've skipped a stitch or two. By the same token I've had to restring a necklace on numerous occasions. Of course, it doesn't help if it's 2:30 am. You would think I'd stop when my eyes start to cross and stick to my eyelids!

Ten o'clock PM, must be your "creative" time. Did you know there's a time for dancing, as well?! Yes, as the verse reads, "There's a time to every purpose unto Heaven..." It's true! Our bodies have a time clock. We have a cycle our bodies follow: a time to eat, sleep, wake up, sing, dance, create and so on. How interesting!

More, later...  Pleasant dreams!

Sleepy Baby

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Someday, butterfly garden...

Oh, how I love those butterflies! I've been researching them since I am having more varieties in my garden lately. I believe I have seen one called "Red Admiral" and a "Viceroy". They are both gorgeous! If I saw what I think I saw, there was a third type of orange butterfly in my yard yesterday. It was a medium-orange color with some faint markings. I also have an eensy, weensy, white butterfly, but I can't find it in my book.

Meanwhile, I saw two gold finches on my bird feeder and wish I could have gotten close enough, and for a longer amount of time, to get a better photo.

This year my garden holds a butterfly bush and bright pink bee balm. The butterflies seem to gravitate towards those flowers. I also have phlox, which will bloom in a few weeks, and blue or purple salvia. I see purple.

On another blog posting, when I finally remember to take my camera outside with me, I'll capture a gorgeous image of some of those butterflies for your enjoyment. Until then, this will have to do...

Madame Butterfly

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and Independence for Us All

We slid right into a parking lot for fireworks with our children and grandchildren after a wonderful cookout. The fireworks were incredible. Downtown was so packed with vehicles that we wondered how we ever slipped in between and slid right into that parking spot. Then, just as swiftly as we entered the lot, we exited. It took us just a few minutes to get onto the main road to our homes after a fabulous grand finale!

On another note: In remembrance of our fore-fathers, we celebrate our independence and our country's Christian heritage. Such a touchy subject! I hope that I will not insult my followers as I express my religious views, but I have something to say:

It's difficult for me to think that so many people would have "In God We Trust" and "...one nation, under God" stricken from our currency and our Pledge of Allegiance. Our "independence", which we love to party around on the 4th, is slowly being taken from us. And, so, as George Washington has written, numerous times, in his life-long journal, we need to thank our God for the blessings He has bestowed upon our country. May we never forget. May we never cease to appreciate. May we ever thank Him.

The fact that so much negativity exists in America today should never cause us to dispel the hopefulness we tuck away, deep in our minds and hearts. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fireworks and Searching for Independence


This evening after dinner with friends, fireworks lit up the sky. It was so lovely with the temperature perfect, the doors and windows open and the four of us just sitting there, chatting, watching with delight. A feeling of "independence".

Seems to me that one can never get enough of fireworks. After seeing them once or twice, I'm still excited to share the experience with someone a second or third time. One year we laid on our backs on blankets on a hill and watched fireworks directly overhead--sparks and burning paper falling all over its audience--while the band played John Phillip Sousa's music. So appropriate for the occasion. Sights and sounds of "independence".

We've watched fireworks from our garage roof, from the back of a truck, sitting in the middle of the road, driving down the road, standing up through our sunroof, from inside a boat, standing on the dock (of a bay) at my sister's, at Disney World, at Kings Island, up north over the bay, from the top of the hill, and many other places. Watching the fireworks has been quite a sensation ever  since I was a kid, and I'm still a kid, and I still enjoy a good fireworks display and feeling "independent".

Tomorrow is OUR celebration of Independence Day. We'll have a great potluck, talk, have a drink, celebrate a birthday or two, then hit the dock again, where we can see fireworks from four surrounding communities all at one time! It's great! And what we're celebrating isn't just fireworks, my great-niece's and my nephew's birthdays, or all the good food; we're celebrating for everyone who knows "independence" in the true sense of the word.  I hope that someday that's you and me!

"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."
Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Nevertheless, I'm still happy to be an American!

Miss Searching for Independence

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Dipper

How cute: Our 4-year-old grandson  was looking up at the sky last night while excitedly calling out to me, "Mimi, there's the big dipper"! After watching a shooting star the previous night, our son had pointed out the Big Dipper to him. Those little ones remember everything!.

Anyway, our son motioned for us to look upward, and explained to us how you can find the North Star via the Big Dipper. Of course, we already knew all about it, but we just went along. Actually, I had thought it was off the handle, but he informed me that the star is really off the lip of the cup. So, there. I did learn something from my son. Glad I was paying attention in case he decided to quiz me. After all, he is a teacher!

It was a beautiful night! I just sat there looking at the last glimmer of light from a sun that, a few moments ago, had just finished its "setting" routine--twilight time. The three "boys" were swinging on the deck, under the canopy, with their eyes fixed on the western sky. Dusk was approaching quickly and the first stars were showing. There were a couple of very bright stars and we wondered if they were planets. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, and his knowledge of the night sky, informed us that the planets were the ones that appeared to be near the horizon, not straight up.

That was last night, and tonight is tonight. May you have a restful sleep. The stars are out and so is Mr. Moon. Pleasant dreams...

Mimi Stargazer

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