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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Recollection...9/11

Everyone's posting thoughts on 9/11, today. Not 7-11, but, rather, 9/11, the number we'd like to forget. Today is coming to a close, but I'd like to write about my recollection of that infamous event:

Our company had just downsized, leaving me without a job. That was the very end of August. On September 11, I was enjoying not having to go to work by watching the Today show on NBC. In a moment of time, a news flash came into my living room, LIVE. As I saw the plane going into the tower, I thought it was a joke or an accident. It never occurred to me that, perhaps, it was really happening and that, perhaps, it was the act of terrorists. That is, until I saw the second plane appear and people in the studio yelling something about another plane flying right into one of the Twin Towers.

It all looked so phony, like I was watching a terrorist movie. It was a terrorist movie--really happening right now! LIVE! As I watched.

I got on the phone and called my husband at work. He hadn't heard. I called relatives and friends who were working to see if anyone had heard an announcement.

It reminded me of the time JFK was shot. The time the nun in my classroom at St. Tim's said to get down on our knees and pray. Oh, how I remember.

September 11 was my sister's wedding anniversary. I wondered how she was feeling.

Then I remember, later, painting the back door on our house while President Bush gave the nation his plan of action. It was freaky, scary, just listening to the President talking that way. Even he sounded scared.

You know the rest. Now, I'll not say, "Pleasant Dreams" tonight. This is a solemn occasion and a time to ponder on all that happened that September 11, a day never forgotten.

Sleep well knowing that we are here today, safe for the time being. We've lived through it. But what about
those people directly related to the incident. They will go on living through it for who knows how long, maybe the rest of their lives. I wonder if they can ever feel safe.


elsiee said...

we had just moved into our house and didn't have TV yet - it took a couple of days before I saw the footage - i think we are all forever changed, hopefully for the better

My Dream Garden said...

I certainly hope so, Elsie! At least we're more aware.

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